Anxiety and Dog Training

Causes of Anxiety in Dogs

1. Socialization Stressors

2. Traumatic Events

3. Genetics

3. Prenatal Factors

4. Change of Owner

5. Change in Schedule

6. Change in Physical Location or Environment

Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

1. Excessive Drooling or Panting

2. Pacing in Circles or in Straight Lines

3. Attempting to Flee

4. Excessive Howling or Barking

5. Urinating or Defecating in the House After Being House Trained

6. Destructive Behavior

Training Tactics for Dogs With Anxiety

1. Counterconditioning

A technique designed to replace a positive emotional response to certain stimuli with a negative one.

2. Desensitization

The aim of this approach is to slowly and steadily expose your dog to different anxiety-inducing stimuli, until they gradually become less sensitive to them.

3. Environmental Management

Making your dog's environment more conducive to their preferences can be an effective way to reduce anxiety.

4. Medication

Many dogs benefit from a medication-based approach to anxiety.

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