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Azawakh is an ancient and rare breed of dog that originated in the Sahara desert, namely in the Sahel region. In this region there is the Azawakh Valley – in fact, various legends and beliefs are associated with this breed. No one can really exactly say when this breed appeared, however, nomadic tribes endow it with a very long history.

Modern researchers agree that the breed is at least 2000 years old. And at least the last 1000 years they have been fully domesticated. The Azawakh is sometimes also called the Tuareg Greyhound since it was the nomadic Tuareg tribes that are believed to have perfected these dogs for many centuries. By the way, one of the features of this breed is that they don’t have other breeds mixed in their genes. Since the Tuareg generally live quite far apart and they have always primarily been interested in maintaining the purity of the breed.

It is also believed that the Azawakh developed in the Niger River basin, practically without leaving the region. The environmental conditions also contributed to the purity of this breed. Since 1981, the breed has been officially registered by the FCI.

Traditionally these dogs were used for hunting and guard duties, however, over time, owning them became a sign of status.


Over the long period of their evolution, the Azawakh breed has developed amazing qualities that are directly linked to their physique. They have very thin skin, on which there is practically no fur but a lot of blood vessels – for better cooling. They can tolerate very high temperatures. Muscles are flat, with excellent definition. The head is narrow and long and its limbs are long. The fur is short.


Azawakh is a typical representative of domestic animals – it chooses one person as its leader, to whom he is exclusively devoted.

The Azawakh breed is one of those that need socialization above all. Therefore, try to ensure that your dog can communicate with other people and animals from a very early age. The communication should be extremely open and positive.

If your dog is guilty of something, beatings and similar punishments are unacceptable. These are very smart dogs that can draw their own conclusions. They require kindness and patience, as well as an owner with restraint. Strictness should be exercised only when it is truly required.

Living Conditions

These dogs perceive strangers with extreme distrust. They perform excellent watchdog functions. They have a very developed sense of their own territory. Although in order to deter a robber, a more powerful breed may be needed. Children and other pets are perceived neutrally. Has a high level of energy and needs long walks. He is able to develop tremendous speeds when running.


Since these dogs have little to no hair, brushing is not required. You should bathe this breed with a shampoo that has the correct pH, at least once a week. Eyes should be cleaned daily and ears 2 – 3 times a week. Nails should be trimmed about 3 times a month.

Common Diseases

There is little data on the health of the Azawakh breed but it is known that they don’t tolerate direct sunlight well (they tolerate high temperatures, though), the cold, and are sensitive to anesthesia.

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