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Belgian Shepherd (Laekenois)

The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois is a breed of dog that is often recognized for its unique coat and athletic abilities. Originating from Belgium, the Laekenois is one of four breeds that are collectively known as the Belgian Shepherds. These breeds include the Groenendael, Tervuren, Malinois, and Laekenois. While all four breeds share a similar appearance and heritage, the Laekenois is often distinguished by its rough and curly coat.


The Laekenois is a breed that has a long and rich history. Originally bred in Belgium, the breed was used as a herding dog for sheep and cattle. With its intelligence and athleticism, the Laekenois was able to work effectively with its master, moving the livestock from one place to another with ease.

Over time, the breed became popular in other countries, including France and the Netherlands. Today, the Laekenois is a popular breed in many countries and is often used as a working dog in various capacities, such as military and police work.


The Laekenois is a medium-sized breed that is known for its athletic build and unique coat. The breed typically stands between 22-26 inches tall and weighs between 50-65 pounds. The Laekenois has a muscular body with a strong and sturdy build, making it a well-suited breed for physical activity.

One of the most notable physical characteristics of the Laekenois is its coat. The breed has a rough and curly coat that is typically fawn or gray in color. The coat is thick and provides ample protection from the elements, making it an ideal breed for outdoor work.

In addition to its coat, the Laekenois is known for its piercing and alert eyes, which are typically brown in color. The breed also has a strong and confident expression, which adds to its overall appearance.


The Laekenois is a breed that is known for its intelligence, athleticism, and loyalty. The breed is highly energetic and requires plenty of physical and mental stimulation in order to remain healthy and happy. This makes it an ideal breed for those who enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking and running.

In addition to its physical energy, the Laekenois is also highly intelligent. The breed is highly trainable and is often used in various working capacities, such as military and police work. With its intelligence and athleticism, the Laekenois is able to excel in various tasks, making it a highly valued breed.

Despite its energy and intelligence, the Laekenois is also a loyal and affectionate breed. The breed is known for its strong bond with its family, and will often form a close and loving relationship with its owner. This makes the Laekenois an ideal breed for families and those who are looking for a faithful and loving companion.


One of the most distinctive features of the Laekenois is its coat. This breed has a thick, curly, and wiry coat that comes in a variety of colors including fawn, black, and gray. This coat requires a significant amount of grooming to keep it in good condition, and it is important to brush your Laekenois on a regular basis to prevent matting and tangling.


The Laekenois is a relatively healthy breed, and with proper care and nutrition, this breed can live a long and healthy life. The average lifespan of the Laekenois is between 12-14 years.

However, like all breeds, the Laekenois is susceptible to certain health issues, including:

  • Hip dysplasia;
  • Eye problems;
  • Skin allergies.

It is important to work with a reputable breeder who performs regular health screenings on their breeding stock to ensure that you are getting a healthy puppy.


The Laekenois is a unique and intelligent breed that is known for its loyalty and obedience. This breed is a great choice for families looking for a protective and active companion, and it is well-suited for dog sports and outdoor activities.

However, the Laekenois does require a significant amount of grooming and exercise, and it is important to start training and socialization early on to ensure that your Laekenois develops into a well-behaved and obedient companion.

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